Companies must stand out with so many brands fighting for shelf space in a competitive landscape. This is your reputation, and the customer decides in a split second, so you need packaging that stops shoppers in their tracks

At PPOVA, we're obsessed with ensuring our clients get the best packaging possible. We've worked with some of the most innovative brands, and the results have been incredible. Working together to create a packaging solution that looks great, is sustainable, and creates something that shoppers are drawn to immediately.

We can collaborate with your company from stand-up pouches for food like granola or beef jerky and items in the frozen section. Plus, because PPOVA is digital, your products can hit the market faster because the turnaround time is days, not weeks

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Custom Food Packaging Bags & Pouches

Just like your flavors, your packaging should be bold, too. There are a lot of food packaging companies out there, so you've got options. But why sift through the competition when PPOVA has stellar reviews worldwide and customer stories to prove it? We believe in creating packaging that's functional and beautiful while championing eco-friendly food packaging, too.

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Types of Flexible Food Packaging

There is more than one way to get a customer to grab your beef jerky. PPOVA offers a variety of packaging options that appeal to all businesses looking to level their game up. Because we're always thinking about what's next, but also what works the best to serve the product, we've comprised a greatest hits list of what we believe every business should consider when getting their products in the hands of shoppers either in-person or online.

Lay Flat Pouches: Our 3-side seal lay flat, and pillow pouches work perfectly for items like crackers or chips. They're also available in various films, structures, and finishes to serve whatever your brand's identity leans.

Stand Up Pouches: These stand up pouches look great on a shelf or hanging off the rack, and they're customizable with multiple gusset options, films, features, and finishes.

Child Resistant: Kids get into everything-except our stand up, and lay-flat pouches, which are available in single-use and resealable options

Rollstock: Rollstock is one of the best innovations in the packaging business because it's lightning fast, affordable, and one of the better options for lessening your company's carbon footprint

Films: Film is a seriously customizable area, PPOVA has a solid selection of film finishes, types, and structures.

Sustainable Packaging: One of the PPOVA's sworn goals is always to do what we can to be eco-friendly, we believe in championing sustainable food packaging. We offer a variety of options that are recyclable, biodegradable, and even have inks that are comprised of natural ingredients.


No Plate Fees

With Pac's proprietary digital printing technology. you don't have to pay for expensive plate fees. Just send your designs over to us and you're off to the races.


Low Minimums

Growing brands don't have to splurge on large minimum orders Pac accepts low minimums to get your product out into the market and test new SKU.


Fast Time To Market

When you choose custom mylar packaging from Pac you get your bags in 5-15 business days*-the fastest turnaround time in the industry!



If you're committed to reducing your carbon footprint impact on the environment, you've found the right partner. With Pack environmentally friendly options we're your sustainable packaging partner.

Flexible Packaging and Commitment to Sustainability:

Being dedicated to being eco-friendly isn’t something we take lightly. As a company, we’re dedicated to promoting options like our 100% Polyethylene (PE) films, which are fully
recyclable and customizable – with photo-quality graphics.
We also offer Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) films, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ~15.25%. *

We also have compostable films that are an excellent option for a fully compostable option, which breaks down into the soil, nourishing plant life.

Stand out from the rest of the pack with custom-printed food packaging from PPOVA. It doesn’t matter if you sell gourmet baking mixes or your great-grandma’s trail mix. We’ve got an array of functional but stylish bags and pouches. Everything we make is top-quality and customizable, which will catalyze your brand’s unique story.

It’s Easy To Start Your Project! Just fill out our contact form and describe the type of packaging you are looking for and the product you will be using the flexible pouches or bags for. Or for fast personal service contact our office for friendly and knowledgeable customer service team 804-781-1957.

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